Thank you for visiting our website.  We are very excited to share our story and philosophy.

The Bullard Realty Group is owned and run by Debbie and Greg Bullard.  We are a hard-working, fun-loving husband and wife team who lives and works in the South Charlotte area.  We have been married for 21+ years, have two girls and a rescue pup named Linus.  We have been active in real estate for many years as both realtors and real estate investors.

We have a very clear passion at Bullard Realty Group…Your Happiness.  To some, this statement may seem simplistic or like clever marketing.  If you have met us or spoken to any of our clients, then you will know that this passion is truly what inspires us to help all of our clients achieve their real estate goals.

Our own personal experiences guide us as we help buyers.  We have moved many times, both across town and across hundreds of miles into cities where we did not know anyone.  Our goal in working with buyers is to help them find more than a house, it’s to help them find a community that matches their daily living.  Finding a house to buy is usually easy–our passion is helping our clients find a new lifestyle that is centered around their new home.  Having been in and around Charlotte since the 1970s, we have a deep understanding of the Charlotte area and a strong knowledge base of community resources to help our clients find the right fit for their entire family.

For sellers, we know that the biggest two priorities are to put as much money in their pocket as possible and to move on a schedule that works for them.  We understand the stresses of decluttering, keeping a house “show ready” and leaving on short notice for showings.  We do what it takes to get our clients’ houses ready, whether it’s rolling up our sleeves and helping move furniture or cleaning out closets or bringing in some of our trusted service providers to help out.  Also, with Greg’s experience as a corporate attorney with over 20+ years of negotiating experience, we are able to remove the stresses and uncertainty of the contract process and help sellers move smoothly from contract to close.

The foundation of our success begins by working with each client to make sure we understand everything about their situation and goals so that we can provide the highest level of service possible.  Each client is unique with their own individual circumstances and no two home purchases or sales are the same.  Because of this fact, we make a promise to each client that we will listen to them and put their priorities above all else, even if it’s inconvenient or causes us to do more work.  We put our clients’ goals and interests above everything else… Period.

We have a very clear appreciation that, each time we help a client close on the purchase or sale of a home, we are participating in one of the biggest financial events of their lives.  For this reason, we make a big investment of our time and our resources for every client that we help.

We invite you to reach out to either of us to discuss your real estate situation.  Whether you are ready to buy or sell soon or are just curious to find out what your home is worth, we would love to talk with you.