Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving


Hello neighbors! As we reflect on the important things in our lives, our family and friends, we thought we would offer you a few real estate things to be thankful for:

Interest Rates:  As rates approach 5%, don’t forget that they are still well below the historical average.  In 1981, rates got as high as 17%+! They were 10% as recently as 1990 and didn’t go below 6% until 2002.

Rising Home Values:  Predicting real estate pricing trends is tricky, but the consensus appears to be that Charlotte home values will continue to rise in 2019, just not at the same pace as the past couple of years.

Charlotte is Booming:  By most measures, the Charlotte economy is very strong with unemployment well below national averages, healthy job growth and rising wages.  These are all good things to attract new people to the area, who all need places to live.

We are grateful that we get to work, live and play in a great city like Charlotte, and we hope you have a healthy and safe Thanksgiving!

Debbie & Greg Bullard